You’re planning your next family vacation, but are torn between booking a hotel room and renting out a vacation house. You’re not sure, but that’s okay, because we’re here to explain why people stay in both.


Hotels can get expensive, and let’s face it: the only privacy one can get in a hotel is in the confines of one single room. So even though hotels are a relaxing treat, you can pay a lot of money for very little space and minimum privacy.


Whether you decide to stay in a hotel or a vacation rental will ultimately depend on your budget, where you are traveling, and with how many people you are traveling with.


This article will be discussing how vacation rentals maximize one’s vacation, and why we think they’re sometimes better than a hotel room…


A vacation rental SAVES money


VRBO is one of the most popular vacation rental companies

Vacation rentals are rented houses or apartments that offer everything you can find at home. They includes multiple bedrooms, at least one common room, a kitchen, a washer and dryer, entertainment, and often times, a swimming pool or jacuzzi.


The going rate for vacation rentals depends on where you’re vacationing, but they typically trend in the $900-$2000 range. Seems expensive? People who stay in vacation rentals are people traveling in numbers, which means the rent is split among multiple people. If you’re traveling as a family, you may pay less in a hotel, but you sacrifice your space, privacy and comfort.


Since vacation rentals include all of the necessary amenities you’ll find at home, they are often the more cost-effective option. The kitchen is probably the highlight amenity of a vacation rental because it means you can grocery shop, cook what you want, and SAVE MONEY.


Restaurants can rack up your credit card bill, and there isn’t much room to store snacks and a variety of cold beverages in a hotel mini fridge. But vacation rentals have the refrigerator, the stovetop, the utensils, the oven, and the grill, and with all of these included amenities, you can make all three meals you need in a day, and then some!


Since most vacation rentals include washer and dryers, this means you can pack less clothing. Plus, if you’re going to bring the kids along, there is no need to worry about how you’re going to wash their clothes if they wear their food or roll around in the mud.

Sites That Offer Vacation Rentals:

Good ol’ fashion fun in a vacation rental

The landlord or company you rent a vacation house from knows a house is not complete with fun and laughter. That’s why vacation rentals provide a variety of entertainment.


You’ll have your choice of DVD players and TV screens, stereos and sound systems, pool tables, board games, swimming pools, and book shelves. These amenities will vary depending on where you stay, but they will have something to keep you entertained!


If you’re renting in a tourist destination, it’s likely that fun activities are going to cost money. But if swimming all day, reading in the sun, and watching movies at night with friends and family after a day at the beach is your idea of a fun vacation, then a vacation rental is for you.


Quiet hours and neighbourhood watch

Though a vacation rental can be your home-away-from-home, it is not your actual home, and there are rules to abide by.


Landlord who owns vacation rentals will establish a written set of rules and agreements vacationers must follow. In other words, you cannot go crazy in a vacation house, but this is probably only a downer if you were looking to cause mayhem on your next trip.


If you’re respectful of rules and your neighbours (that means following the neighbourhood quiet hours), you can definitely still have a blast!


We’re not saying you have to be as quiet as a mouse, but you can’t be waking up the neighbourhood or destroying the place, either. Just like you wouldn’t cause damage to your own home, you wouldn’t damage someone else’s.


Why a hotel is still the choice for you

Hotels are great if you are traveling alone or with a partner. If you are ready to wine, dine, and splurge, you have your choice of where you want to stay. With hotels, there is no space for cooking, and amenities such as laundry service and room service can get downright expensive! Staying in a hotel means you’ll be dining out and finding entertainment in the surrounding area, which will cost money. But if you’ve saved enough for a splurge vacation, and are traveling for the purpose of experiencing the area’s cuisine and nightlife, then the hotel is a comfortable and quiet place to rest your head and recharge for the coming days.


But if you’re traveling with family or in numbers and can split the cost of a vacation rental with others, then maximize your getaway in a house that gives you more space and saves you more money!

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