Why All-Inclusives Are the Best for Your Vacation

Why All-Inclusives Are the Best for Your Vacation

Though some people tend to shy away from them, all-inclusives are often the most underrated and cost-effective vacations one can take. An all-inclusive vacation allows a person to travel and enjoy a break from the day-to-day routines that they all fall into, year in and year out. Click here to view website for great deals on all-inclusive vacations.

An all-inclusive vacation really means all-inclusive. It’s a bundle of services in a package, for one set price, that includes roundtrip airfare, hotel, food, drinks, and entertainment. It also means less planning, less spending, and more relaxation.

If you’re feeling the itch to go on vacation, the simple planning of an all-inclusive can get you counting down the days sooner than you think possible. While the whole point of an all-inclusive is that you will not need to leave the property, if you do decide to go out for a day trip click here to get the best rates on car hires.

Here’s why all-inclusives are the best for your vacation:


Everything is covered. No taxes. No tips.

An all-inclusive vacation incorporates roundtrip flights, airport-hotel transfers, lodging, three meals a day, bottomless alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks, activities, and entertainment. Depending on where you go, other accommodations and amenities are included as well.

Taxes and tips are also included. Though these generally tend to be overlooked, taxes and tips can really add up. But in an all-inclusive package, the taxes and tips are covered in the single flat price you pay.


What are all-inclusive vacations really all about?

They’re the obvious choice for those who want to travel to warm, tropical climate – on a budget! Yes, it’s possible to vacation in Jamaica or Mexico on a budget.

An entire industry has been built on the idea that people can pay one set price for an entire vacation, and this industry thrives in many areas around the globe. Mexico and the Caribbean are the prominent all-inclusive destinations, and they have some of the best all-inclusive resorts in the world.

Imagine you could pay for three meals a day – including an endless amount of your favourite juices and cocktails – for 7 days and 7 nights, for one set price that also included your round trip airfare and lodging.


It’s a given that while on vacation, the fun activities you do and the food you eat in restaurants rack up your credit card bill. That’s why we dread looking at our bills after a vacation.


Now imagine watching a movie screening in your hotel, and then jumping in the jacuzzi afterwards. Then the next day, there was live music, and then the resort provided all kinds of games to be played later at night.


So since all-inclusive resorts take care of your food, your drinks, AND your entertainment, when do you need to spend money?


Your wallet can stay in your hotel room. There is no need to worry about keeping it in your swim trunks or having to keep track of it. Your wallet can stay locked up in your hotel room safe while you enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a few cocktails down at the beach. And that’s one of the great things about all-inclusives!


Can you really relax more on an all-inclusive?

Yes. Booking an all-inclusive means less planning for the trip because you pay one set price, one time. Since you are paying to eat on the resort and enjoy the resort’s amenities, it means less traveling around, less figuring out where to eat, less figuring out what to do, and more time to relax.


All-inclusive resorts want you to stay and enjoy the resort. Oddly enough, one of the main reasons why people opt out of the all-inclusive vacation is for this reason. They simply don’t want to eat under the same roof every night. They don’t want to be confined to the same pool and to the same beach.


But whether a person chooses an all-inclusive vacation, or not, ultimately depends on how much they want to relax.


While some people enjoy exploring and jumping from place to place or hotel to hotel, an all-inclusive guarantees you can eat, sleep, and relax all under the same cozy roof and on the same gorgeous beach.


Some all-inclusive resorts are cut off from the surrounding areas, but some resorts offer shuttle services to nearby towns or cities. If you’re someone who is interested in taking a day to explore the surrounding areas or cities, research around for all-inclusive resorts that offer shuttle services.

Top All-Inclusive Booking Sites:

Did we mention travel insurance?

All-inclusives are typically booked through travel agencies. Almost all travel agencies insure their travelers and offer refunds or compensation should illness, injury, death, or natural disaster strike. In fact, most travel agencies offer hurricane insurance since the threat of encountering one in a tropical setting is pretty likely.


When booking, make sure you’re paying for an all-inclusive, and nothing else. Some resorts who pose as all-inclusives don’t always include ALL amenities.


But never fear! Because with determined and thorough research, and with coordination with travel agency representatives, you can ensure you’re getting the most out of an all-inclusive.


All-inclusives are the way to the most relaxing vacations

A vacation means time away from from the stresses of your job and from your day-to-day responsibilities. A vacation means a break from your boss and coworkers, from mowing the lawn, from cooking and doing dishes, and it means being away from all of these duties and obligations while listening to ocean waves and watching palm trees sway in the breeze with a cocktail in your hand.


Better yet, an all-inclusive vacation means you make ONE payment and get to show up at the airport and fly to a warm, sandy beach where you can swim, tan, eat, drink, relax, and leave your wallet in the hotel room. Can it get any better than this?

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